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  • Happy New Year 2014
  • Website Launched for NITRONIC Products

    Enkay Enterprises is proud to offer Nitronic Products to its customers.

    For more information on Nitronic, Please visit nitronic.enkaymachine.com

  • NEW CNC Machines Added

    At Enkay Enterprises, Our R & D department work continuosly on latest technologies and update our product portfolio. Our CNC Machines are now upgraded to latest technology and improved functionality.

    For more information on CNC Machines, Please visit CNC Section

  • Website Launched for EDR

    Enkay Enterprises has developed an advanced device to use with Universal Testing
    Machines, Tensile Testing Machines and Compression Testing Machines. This device
    is an electronic data accquisition and processing system.

    For more information on EDR, Please visit www.edr108.com

  • Microsite Launched for Servo Universal Testing Machine.

    For our customers interested in Servo UTM and UTM, a complete and informative website
    is launched covering complete details and information about Servo Universal Testing
    machines and Universal Testing Machines

    For more information on Servo UTM, Please visit www.servo-utm.com

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Enkay Material Testing Machines are designed for just one person to perform high volume testing with maximum accuracy and safety. Enkay has streamlined machine designs to reduce machine mass without sacrificing strength and rigidity and as result, these machines are floor mounted eliminating the need of costly pit foundations thus permitting easy relocation in case of need.
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  Soil Mechanics
  Rock Testing
  Geotextile Technology
  Concrete Technology
  Cement, Lime, Plaster & Mortar Testing
  Sand Aggregates & Fillers Mechanics
  Asphalt Testing
  Field Monitoring Technology
  Steel & Metal Mechnanics
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  June 21, 2013
Microsite launched for NITRONIC.

Enkay Enterprises has launched exclusive website dedicated to Nitronic products. For further information, our customers can visit nitronic.enkaymachine.com
  June 20, 2013
Enkay Enterprises has always initiated the relationship with global technology leaders to bring World Class Material Testing Equipments to India. Recently, Enkay Enterprises tied up with three International companies and became sole distributor of their indigenous products in India.

UTEST, Turkey
UTEST MALZEME TEST is an international brand which uses hi-tech and provide Excellent Quality Products for Soil Mechanics, Asphalt, Cement, Concrete, Rock Mechanics and Construction Materials (brick, roof tile, briquet, plaster etc.) in quality control test laboratories.

NITRONIC, Switzerland
Nitronic is a company that is always at technical forefront for manufacturing of high precision cable strip-ping machines and innovative hardness testers.

A well known name world over for their Computer Controlled Equipment's for Soil Mechanics using Embedded Technology
  Educational Establishments
  Government Ministries
  Concrete/Cement Manufacturers
  Asphalt manufacturers
  Private Testing Laboratories
  Research Laboratories
  Oil companies
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Universal Testing Machine: Servo Series  
Universal Testing Machine
Servo Series
The machine is hydraulically operated, vertical, floor mounted, designed for testing metals and other materials under Tension, Compression, Bending/Transverse Loads.

Technical Features :
# Stress Controlled 0.1kN/min. to Full Load kN/min.
# Strain Controlled 0.01 mm/min. to 100 mm/min.
# Torque Compensated Power Pack for 100% Oil Delivery at all Load Values
# Air Cooled inter cooler for maintaining oil temperature below 45° at running conditions
# 100% control via Rj45 / USB Interface
# On-Board Characteristics linear zing
# Fully Computer Controlled
# Bumpless P.I.D Control using software controllable PID settings
# Dual Channel shifting
# 64 KHz data sampling rate
# Capacity : Upto 3000 kN)
# Least Count : 0.001 kN for Load
# Accuracy : 0.5%
# Displacement Resolution : 0.001 mm
# Loading and Straining Rate controlled through PC.


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