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Cement, Lime , Plaster & Mortar Testing
Enkay Machines   Cement, Lime, Plaster & Mortar Testing
  Consistency and Setting Time
  Heat of Hydration
  Sample Preparation
  Crushing and Grinding
  Vicat Method
Ref. Standards : IS:2542 (Part-2), 2645, 1727, 5513, BS:12, 146, 915, 1370, 4027, 4246, 4248, ASTM C-91, C-141, C-187, C-308, C-359, C-472 & AASHTO T-129, E-131

Item Code : EKE 394

  The procedure, as recommended in various standards, is for determining the quantity of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency.
  The apparatus includes one of each:
  EKE 39301 Vicat Mould
  EKE39302 Glass Base Plate
  EKE39303 Initial Needle (in Plastic Case)
  EKE39304 Final Needle (in Plastic Case)
  EKE39305 Consistency Plunger (in Plastic Case)
  EKE39306 Mild Steel Base Plate
  EKE39307 Vicat Method, Split Type, with Clamping Ring
  Vicat Method : EKE394  
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