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Field Monitoring Technology
Enkay Machines   FIELD
Collection of disturbed and undisturbed samples is fundamental for geotechnical investigation of civil engineering behaviour. ENKAY ENTERPRISES provides its customers with a variety of high quality products to fulfill their needs in the Soil Testing requirements.
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  Load Cells
  Rock Bolt
  Pullout Strength
  Instrumented Rockbolt
Rockbolt provide a convential means of strengthening underground openings and stablizing cut slopes in rock. It is therefore important to check that installed Rockbolts will not fail through over loading.
The Instrumented Rockbolts comprise a hollow ribbed steel bar fitted with upto four internal extensometer rods. Movement of one or more of extensometer rods in relation to the measuring head is monitored by inserting a dial depth gauge into the appropriate aperture in the measuring head.

Measurement of Rockbolt loads.
Monitor the behaviour of jointed roof and floor strata during various mining/tunnelling stages.
To determine the magnitude of loads on roof supports.

EKE 851     Rockbolt
25 mm dia. x 1.5 m long

  EKE 852     Rockbolt
25 mm dia. x 3 m long
  EKE 853     Rockbolt
25 mm dia. x 6 m long
  EKE 854     ENKAY - SIL Instrumented Rockbolt
25 mm dia. x 3 m long
  EKE 855     Enkay - SIL Instrumented Rockbolt
25 mm dia. x 6 mm long
  EKE 860 Dial Depth Gauge
0.001 x 5 mm
  instrumented Rockbolt : EKE854  
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