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Geotextile Technology
Enkay Machines   GEOTEXTILE
ENKAY'S R & D wing, under direction from IIT Delhi, has made a breakthrough in developing equipment for conducting relevant tests to evaluate the physical properties of geotextiles for reinforcement and stability applications, for soil retaining structures, steep slopes, embankments on soft soils, pavement systems, etc. for drainage and erosion control, separators between ballast and subgrade in railways and other general applications.
  Dry Sieve Test Apparatus   Hydrodynamic Sieve Test Apparatus   Interface Friction   Universal Testing System
  Dry Sieve Test Apparatus : EKE242   Hydrodynamic Sieve Test Apparatus : EKE243   Interface Friction : EKE245   Narrow and Wide Tensile Strength : EKE246
  CBR Push Through Test Attachment   Cone Drop Test Apparatus   Geotextile Permeameter  
  CBR Push Through Test Attachment : EKE24611   Cone Drop Test Apparatus : EKE247   Geotextile Permeameter : EKE254  
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