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With over 40 years of experience in design and manufacture our product range includes over 200 items, all carefully selected to meet International Specifications as well as the individual needs of our customers.
Soil Mechanics
Soil Mechanics
Rock Testing
Rock Testing
Geotextile Technology
Geotextile Technology
Concrete Technology
Concrete Technology
Cement, Lime, Plaster and Mortar Testing
Cement, Lime, Plaster
& Mortar Testing
Sand Aggregates and Fillers Mechanics
Sand Aggregates & Fillers Mechanics
Asphalt Testing
Asphalt Testing
Field Monitoring Technology
Field Monitoring
Steel & Metal Mechnanics
Steel & Metal Mechanics
General Laboratory Equipments
General Laboratory
Non Destructive Testing Instruments for Concrete Industry
Non Destructive Testing Equipments
Non Destructive Testing Equipments for Paper Industry
Non Destructive Testing Instruments (Paper Industry)
Sophisticated Universal Testing Machine's
SERVO Universal
Testing Machine's
CNC Machines : CNC Lathe Trainer, CNC Mill Trainer
CNC Machines
Fluid Mechanic Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Sppring Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine
Advanced Soil Mechanics
Advanced Soil Mechanics
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