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Rock Testing
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In all sections of civil engineering and particularly in soil and rock mechanics, the engineer during the design stage must ensure that the analysis of soil properties relate directly to the relevant foundation of structure.
Using procedures involving extracting, examining and testing representative samples the engineer can compute a model very close to the real situation.
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  Sample Preparation
  Rock Strength Testing
  Triaxial Testing
  Core Drilling Machine
  Item Code : EKE 201
»   Heavy duty, Pillar type frame with 2 HP, single phase, AC motor.
»   Varying Cutting feeds provided with water-fed swivel head which can be connected to suitable water supply. Provision at base for water collection/drainage.
»   Core Preparation from regular and irregular samples
Core Size : EX to NX
»   Clamping arrangement to hold specimens with regular/irregular shapes to the base of machine.
»   Four cutting speeds of 600, 800, 1100 and 1500 rpm.
  Following Core Bits are available as options:
  EKE 20101
Core Drilling Bit,
21.46 mm dia (EX size)
  EKE 20102
Core Drilling Bit,
30.10 mm dia (AX size)
  EKE 20103
Core Drilling Bit,
38 mm dia
  EKE 20104
Core Drilling Bit,
42.04 mm dia (BX size)
  EKE 20105
Core Drilling Bit,
54.74 mm dia (NX size)
  Core Drilling Machine : EKE201  
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