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ENKAY ENTERPRISES Provides Value and Satisfaction to Customer on Product and its After Sales Services. We will make Efforts to know the Customer Perception, About the Product and Continually Improve the Product and Process Technology, and Quality Management System to Enhance Customer's Satisfaction
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Into a modern industry or teaching laboratory, calibration and machine verification are the best ways to ensure accurate tests.

Enkay offers a complete worldwide verification and official calibration service at your laboratory.

Our Company offers not only a standard maintenance service but also the possibility to modernise your testing machines, incorporating the last state-of-the-art servohydraulic computerised measuring and control systems. This possibility may actualise your laboratory testing machines over a long period of time (even on not Enkay machines). Please, ask us for details.

We dispose of automated and half-automatic computer based system (for machines with not updated measuring systems), to improve repeatability and accuracy service. Our service engineers offer, when calibration is accomplished, a complete "Enkay Calibration Certificate".


The Calibration procedure, can be preceded (if customer agrees) of a mechanical service looking for small problems correction, system cleaning, oil exchange, and correct measuring values. Finally: successful calibration will be made, recognised everywhere.

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