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Soil Mechanics
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Collection of disturbed and undisturbed samples is fundamental for geotechnical investigation of civil engineering behaviour.
ENKAY ENTERPRISES provides its customers with a variety of high quality products to fulfill their needs in the Soil Testing requirments.
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  Soil Particle Size Distribution
  Soil Load Frames
  Soil Proving Rings
  Soil Strength Determination
  Soil Compaction
  Soil Drying Ovens
  Soil Drying Ovens
  Standard BS: 1377
  Item Code : EKE-225, EKE-425
In accordance with most B.S and ASTM requirements. The EKE225 and EKE425 are economy models constructed with coated mild steel exterior and Stainless Steel interior chamber, which is both durable and corrosion resistant. These units meet the requirements of BS 1377 and are ideal for on-site laboratories and general soils and aggregate testing.

The larger soils drying ovens are constructed with mild steel having powder coated exterior and stainless steel interior chamber, which is both durable and corrosion resistant.

The 225 & 425 liter units are fitted with thermostatic control.

The 750 & 1000 liter units have a microprocessor digital control standard.
  Dial thermometer with collar fixing for door
LED display for showing temperature on
thermostatically controlled units
Microprocessor digital controller on
thermostatically controlled units.
Heavy duty shelves
Traceable Calibration Certificate
  Soil Drying Ovens : EKE225  
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