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Steel & Metal Mechanics
    Universal Testing Machine: Servo Series
Enkay Machines   Universal Testing Machine
Servo Series
The machine is hydraulically operated, vertical, floor mounted, designed for testing metals and other materials under Tension, Compression, Bending/Transverse Loads.
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  Universal Testing Machine
  Servo Series
The machine is hydraulically operated, vertical, floor mounted, designed for testing metals and other materials under Tension, Compression, Bending/Transverse Loads.

The Machine comprises of loading unit and control Panel.
  Loading Unit:
This consist of a hydraulic cylinder motor with chain and sprocket drive and a table coupled with the ram of the hydraulic cylinder, mounted on to a robust base. The cylinder and the ram are individually lapped to eliminate friction . the upper cross head is rigidly fixed to the table by two straight columns the lower cross head is connected to two screwed columns which are driven by a motor , axial loading of the ram is ensured by relieving the cylinder and ram of the any possible side loading by the provision of ball seating Tension test is conducted by gripping the test specimen between the upper lower cross-head s compression traverse , bending shear and hardness tests are conducted between the lower cross-head and the table. The lower cross head can be raised or lower rapidly by the operating the screwed columns thus, facilitating ease of fixing of the test specimens
  Technical Features:
















Stress Controlled 0.1kN/min. to Full Load kN/min.
Strain Controlled 0.01 mm/min. to 100 mm/min.
Torque Compensated Power Pack for 100% Oil Delivery at all Load Values
Air Cooled inter cooler for maintaining oil temperature below 45° at running conditions
100% control via Rj45 / USB Interface
On-Board Characteristics linear zing
Fully Computer Controlled
Bumpless P.I.D Control using software controllable PID settings
Dual Channel shifting
64 KHz data sampling rate
Capacity : Upto 3000 kN)
With On-Line application of software for generating test reports and graphical plots - Loading/Straining Rate control - with perpetual license
Least Count : 0.001 kN for Load
Accuracy : 0.5%
Displacement Resolution : 0.001 mm
Loading and Straining Rate controlled through PC.
Minimum Loading Rate : 0.5% (of Machine Capacity) to Full Scale load per minute
Maximum Load Rate : Full Scale Load per minute
Minimum Strain Rate 0.01 mm per Minute to 100 mm/Minute
On-Line Graph on PC or on standard PC, system
Batch Test Facility (upto 10 curves on single graph)
Hydraulic Pump withstand a maximum pressure up to 250 kg/cm²
High Pressure Hydraulic Flexible Pipes/Anti Corrosive steel pipes as per requirement.
Hydraulic Power Pack immersed in oil reservoir, coupled with AC Induction Motor enabling easy maintenance.
As a standard we use all reputed branded components, with International warranty
Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials as per IS / BS standards
Motor driven threaded columns for quick effortless adjustment of lower cross - head to facilitate rapid fixing of test specimen.
Large effective clearance between columns enables testing of standard specimens as well as structures.
Easy change from plain to threaded and screwed specimens using Push button.
Robust staining frame of an extremely rigid construction.
Simple controls for ease of operation.
Safe operation ensured by means of safety devices
(using Unique ENKAY Six Stage Protector)
Chrome plated metal components
Plain & threaded columns are hard chrome-plated to give the machine a perpetual new look.
Load Hold capability for 24 Hrs. within ± 1% of set load value
  Control Panel

3500 psi, 250bar Hydraulic Pumping Unit:
Suitable for Single Acting Cylinders on Universal Testing Machines
3 HP motor
250 bar (3500psi) pressure capability
0.4gpm pump flow rate
50 ltrs. tank capacity
Electrically operated servo control valve
5 micron tank return line filter
Fast return dump valve
220V single phase 50/60Hz
  Universal Testing Machine: Servo Series  
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